What is the episode?

What is the first thing in your mind when heard the word episode? Then the answer is simple. If you are a serious fan, then you will get a spark about series episodes. Otherwise, if you are a serial fan, then you will get a spark about serial episodes. But this episode is something different. Do you believe that this episode is a  mobile video game? Yes, the episode is a famous mobile video game. Yes, it is quite famous because of more than ten million downloads alone in Google play store only. The episode is based on storytelling networks. This storytelling networks featuring interactive stories that supported in android devices, ios devices, and even tablets too. If you want to know about the episode: choose your own story game, then you will browse at https://episodegemshack.com . This website is an official web page of episode game.

The specialty about episodes:


Episode game gives the number of gems and entry passes too. Everyone knows that the progress of the games is already programmed and we are all following that progress. We played games that way only. But there is some special in episode game that is we can choose the progress of the game. I mean imagine that you are in the cinema hall right? Watching harry potter movie. We know the climax of the harry potter. Yes, harry won and Voldemort died. But if you are in episode game, then you will change the climax. I mean, you can right the own climax. You can change the progress of the harry potter movie in your way. This is a specialty of the Episode: choose your own story game.

What are the types of stories in episode games?

  • There are three types of stories in episode games. And there are UGC, in house original and IP licensed.
  • IP licensed stories had some great famous stories. And there are pretty little liars, mean girls: senior years, mean girls: sorority rush, path to fame, pitch-perfect collections too.
  • In house original stories are nothing but administration side peoples were already planting some stories for users.
  • UGC is nothing but user-generated content and known for user-created content. Any forms of content are posted by users in an online like images, audios, videos and any other form of content. They are using online platforms like social media and Wikipedia. This user-generated content helps us that making our own stories and posting our own stories in episode: choose your own story game. Consider if you want to start a YouTube channel. Do you know what is the important thing is before starting a YouTube channel? Conform two things before starting your channel is a very important one. First of all, you want to know what your specialty is or choose your path. The second one is you want to know that is your audience loves your topics? These are the most important things before starting a channel or something in user-generated content.

Don’t forget to download the episode: choose your story app. And don’t forget to search at http://episodegemshack.com

Janis Baze