What is good about micro-cement?

Commonly, the micro-cement is also called as micro concrete or micro screed. Actually, what is microcement ? It is a polymer altered concrete based coating that can be easily applied thinly to floors, stairs and walls in both commercial and home buildings. As a desired outcome of strengthen bonding power, this micro-cement can be easily applied to approximately any surface such as tiles, wood and current concrete flooring surfaces. In these days, the micro-cement has becoming an ultimately famous material among the house owners, business owners and interior designers those who are searching to attain a concrete artistic and an industrial interior, where it will not usually be possible.

Moreover, the micro-cement is a perfect choice for those want to obtain a fully seamlessly floor touch, which is grout free and also aligns with the modernistic as well as stylish trends. In addition to, the micro-cement is a wonderful choice for living areas, wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms; because of its capability to fully customize the material in terms of finish, tone and color. This material also provides itself well to operate practicality and functionality by providing hypoallergenic and hygienic properties to make a stain free and clean surface atmosphere.

what is microcement

How much cost does micro-cement?

When you are searching to have a micro-cement flooring solution that installed in a commercial or domestic environment, there are so many factors to be considered. They are distinct to each flooring system, which is value taking into consideration. These different elements can make it complex to quite a uniform cost per square meter for micro-cement. In common, the costs tend to be between $80 and $ 120 pm based on different elements.

Why use micro concrete?

The best thing about micro-cement is offering an alternative to the polished cement flooring solution. As the name indicates that this micro-cement can utilize a thin layer of the polymer modified cement usually on a layer of the elastic motor, which provides a complete depth of roughly around 2 to 3 mm. Before using this concrete cement, you must know what is micro cement and why it is used. The major reasons to use micro concrete are including,

Quick drying

Most frequently, the micro concrete is used, because it dries very fast that offers designers and also those need to remodel their houses as a surface choice and causes less disruption. In reality, it dries so fast and the covered surface can be operated within days.

Pre-package mix

The micro-cement is now available in single convenient part and the pre-packaged mix can build it simple to use and lay. It does not even require any professional tools and allow the mix to be applied by your hand.

Decreased water needs

The great thing about micro-cement is created to minimize the demand for water than compared to traditional concrete. It is also very simple to use and has the ability to adhere to some other materials easily.

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