What is a domain name and how to register it?

A دامین (domain) name is your business address on the internet and ensures that you are easy to find and accessible. A domain name address is unique, and you can choose it yourself.

A carefully chosen domain name is easy to remember and contributes to a professional image. For domain registration, you pay an annual fee. You can then park this domain name for later use, link the domain name to a website hosting account, transfer it to another domain name or, for example, only use it for a nice e-mail address@jouwdomeinnaam.nl.

Domain name extensions

There are many types of domain names, all with their own suffixes or “extensions” such as .nl, .be or .com. These extensions usually belong to a specific country and are issued by a local authority responsible for this. Every country and issuer has its own rules, procedures and rates.

Domain registration restrictions

Most countries have completely released registration of their domain name extension. Restrictions apply in some countries, such as having to have a local business address.

Select and register a domain name


Choosing a good domain name can be an important decision. In general, a domain name must be as short as possible, easy to remember and easy to spell. If a name is often spelt incorrectly, it is advisable to register the various variants as a domain name and to have them linked to the correct domain name.

Furthermore, the choice of extension is very important. A domain name aimed at the Dutch market almost always has the .nl, and sometimes the .com extension. Choosing these extensions increases the recognisability and in most cases, the findability of your website.

Protect your (brand) name

Domain names are often reserved to protect them. After all, it is possible for everyone to register a domain name. Protection can be useful for a brand name that people want to use in the future.

Furthermore, a brand name that is used as a .nl domain name is also often registered in the .be, .de, .com and .net extensions to prevent another party from causing confusion by registering the brand name under these extensions.

Cheapest .nl domain registration in the world

xel has been offering the cheapest .nl domain registration rate in the Netherlands for years. For € 3.95 excl. VAT per year your domain name is in your possession. You can engage a lawyer for this amount for approximately 57 seconds. Prevention is, therefore, cheaper than cure! Besides the fact that we have the cheapest .nl domain registration rate, there are also many other benefits of registering a domain at xel.

What is domain registration?

Domain registration is the registration of a domain for a certain period. You do not become the owner of a domain but claim it as long as you continue to pay. When you cancel a domain name, everyone can register it again. The license that you obtain with domain registration is transferable to another party, and you can move your registration to another hosting provider who is also a registrant of your extension.

We always do the domain registration in your own name. Some other providers record it in their own name so that you cannot easily switch to another provider. When you request registration data from your domain name, our data is only with agent or provider and reference is made to our DNS servers. Your own data is listed as a registrant and among contact persons. Please note that anyone can request this information.


Janis Baze