What happens if the satellites lost in space?

The live channels are telecasting daily on television is only with the help of satellites. If the satellites are not invented any of the live channels will not be telecasted. The live shows are not recorded, or even rehearsed this is why is it is named as live streaming. Many channels will telecast the 24 hours live streaming which includes news channels, sports channels, award functions, and some reality programs.


Many companies serve high-quality channels at less cost. One of the best telecommunication companies in serving people with internet service, telephone service and channels from all languages is sky  TV. The only broadcasting channel which has around 10 million subscribers in it is sky TV. The channels that are provided by the sky are made with the help of satellites.

Satellites are not helping us through TV channels it also guides us on the right path when we lost our path. There are about 5000 satellites around the earth’s surface. But they are not arranged in the same orbits. Each satellite will have its separate orbit.

How the satellites are balanced in the space?

The force balancing equation calculates the angular velocity of the satellites. This calculation helps to balance the centrifugal and gravitational force which makes the satellites stand around the earth. After launching the satellite and when it reaches the space a sufficient speed is given to balance the two forces. The satellites that are nearer to the earth need more energy or speed to manage the gravitational pull. With the help of some insignificant resistance in space, the satellites can balance is own speed. The satellites are not kept stable it also revolves around the earth at the same speed. If it moves from its revolution path the signal from the satellite will cut and we cannot receive any information from the particular satellite.

There are three locations to place the orbit around the earth (in space) they are Low, medium, and geosynchronous Earth orbits. These orbits are calculated by the distance from the earth. Low orbits are nearer to earth and medium orbits have some more distance between the earth and the satellite. VAN ALLEN BELT is a region around the earth that is filled with highly charged particles. These particles may damage the satellites so any of the satellites will not be a park in a particular location. The purpose of the satellite and its application choose the location of the satellite.

The information about the earth, and weather reports, and some area surveys are made by the satellites that are kept in the low earth orbits. The distance between the lower earth orbits and the earth has nearly 200 to 1900 kilometres from the earth and the orbital speed of LEO is 1.05 hours. The only cons in LEO are it covers only some parts of the earth because it is so nearer to the earth.

But for broadcasting, and live channels geosynchronous is preferred. It has its altitudinal orbit around 35 thousand kilometres from the earth that revolves around with an equal speed of the earth. It takes 2 hours to complete its one revolution. The satellites that are kept in GEO are needed not to adjust the angle.

Abdul Hepa