The Process and Options of Corporate Governance

Here are the tips for improving this scenario and becoming differentiated leaders aligned with company goals. This comes from the training for corporate governance Dubai . They must first decide what they need to achieve and then work to: manage the environment seek resources, develop contacts, develop skills, broaden their influence, and for that they must inspire confidence in the team, that is, to build the credibility of a leader so that People trust them at all times. And to reach this level of confidence they have to work 4 aspects:

  • Correct your mistakes – promptly apologize, be humble and do not cover up the flaws.
  • Face reality – tackling issues head-on and dealing with difficult issues without bluntness and having the courage to start conversations without running away from the real issues.
  • Always improve – by creating formal and informal feedback systems, continually improving yourself and always acquiring new skills.
  • Deliver Results – Create a track record of results by always doing the right thing by keeping to deadlines and budgets. Don’t make excuses when you don’t achieve the results.

Doing things in a planned way before the week starts and keeping these 4 points in mind will make you have a more productive week.

Second should clarify Purposes

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Set a clear and compelling purpose that motivates people to offer their best to achieve it. Know what to expect from each team member – taking responsibility and then holding the team accountable and being clear in communicating how their own performance is and the performance of others. Create transparency to always tell the truth in a way that people can verify. Do not hide information. When the team has a clear purpose, it’s easier to focus on what’s important and get activities back on track avoiding distractions.

The third point is Align Systems

Create effective systems that support the organization’s purposes and goals, enabling people to do their best, work independently of you, and stay even when leadership changes. There needs to be a system where team members can take responsibility for something different and important that week that will impact and move team results. Always speak honestly and show respect.

Release Talent is the fourth point

Develop a successful team where the unique talent of its components influences the outcome of their performances, exceeding expectations and encouraging accountability and growth. This will enable leaders to motivate the team so that each member can do their best, showing loyalty and trust. Being able to organize time on your agenda to have valuable conversations with your team members, develop values ​​and promote potentials, and help pave the way for them to develop. This practice is what we call Pedra Grande, something very important and should be done that day.

School curricula seek to prepare students for the labor market by developing technical skills. This process is essential, but it is important to pay attention to socio-emotional skills. In the organizational context, culturally reproduces what is done in educational institutions. Focus is focused on technical knowledge, but living skills receive less attention.

But what is the importance of socio-emotional skills? What are they exactly? We have prepared this special content with information about these competencies and their importance to companies. Keep following and understand more about the topic!

Wilber Pelligra