Israel Tours: Your Options Available Now

Israel’s culture is strongly influenced by Judaism, as the only country in the world is governed by the Jewish calendar, from Friday to Saturday twilight all services in the country are severely limited. Thanks to numerous minorities, be they Arabs or Russians, however, life in Israel is not only monochromatic, different cultures are reflected in everyday life as well as in architecture, food or music. In principle, however, at first glance, life is purely Western and a complete cultural shock after landing in Tel Aviv certainly will not survive. For a European, enormous enrichment can be one of the many Jewish holidays, a visit to the ultra-orthodox Jewish quarter of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem, or hiking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. You can Click here now for the best travel deals.


Hebrew and Arabic are the two official languages. For us, most Europeans, at first glance, it has a rather similar script. You can speak English everywhere. Warning, orientation or educational signs are in English, menu in the restaurant also. If necessary you can use Google translate now.

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Basic Hebrew terms and phrases:

  • I do not understand – nor lo mevin (m) or (mevina (f) ivrit
  • Do you speak English – Ha-im ata medaber anglit?
  • Good morning – Boker tov
  • Good evening – Erev tov
  • Good taste – Be-teavon
  • Yes / No – Ken / lo
  • WC – Sheirutim
  • Hospital – Beit cholim
  • Airport – Seda teufa


Tourism is largely involved in the economy of the state. The land is attractive for archaeological monuments, the healing Dead Sea, but most for religious pilgrims. The range of visitors is wide and depends on where you are. In the surroundings of the Dead Sea you can meet mainly Europeans. In Jerusalem, on the other hand, you will find Japanese or Korean. In world-known areas, it is constantly overcrowded, but we believe that yet one can still find its unexplored piece of land.

How to go to Israel

There is a direct flight from Prague to Tel Aviv via Wizz Air or El Al. The journey takes about 3.5 hours. Beware of very strict checks at the airport. Set aside enough time, it is better to arrive at the airport at least 3 hours before departure. A cheap alternative is Ryanair’s direct flights from Bratislava or Krakow to Eilat, South Israel.

How to best transport

You can use buses to travel around Israel, and it is good to use the tram in Jerusalem as a public transport. The bus will take you comfortably from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. The journey takes just over half an hour. The cost is about 20 NIS.

Jerusalem tram

Egged is the biggest bus carrier and can be compared to the former ČSAD in the Czech Republic. You can arrange timetables and purchase tickets via the company website. Around Tel Aviv and the north of the country you can also use the railway, which is also the fastest link between Ben Gurion Airport and Tel Aviv. Route planner and other information are available on the railways website.

Car rental

If you travel more, you can rent a car. Prices correspond to Western Europe, but in advance you can get a car for 30 $ per day. There is no highway toll. The network of roads is dense and well maintained.

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