Great Car and the Best Hiring Options Now

Do you want to travel without worries? Take on the insurance topic with due care. Identify the percentage of the deductible that is the amount you will have to pay in the event of an accident, and the maximum amount that covers the insurance. Ensure yourself of coverage against third parties, in the event of an accident and theft. You can simply rent a car and come up with the best choices now.


What are the fuel rules? Is the tank full and must it be returned full? Deepen this theme don’t be afraid to ask other questions: it’s your right to know all the details. In most cases the conditions are indicated like this:

  • Full: you must return the car with a full tank
  • Empty: you must return the car with an empty tank

In the latter case, you should return the car with the least amount of fuel possible so that the petrol you leave in the tank will not be returned in cash. Better to use it, don’t you think? Extra tip: check the type of petrol you need for the car you rented.


Even when you are traveling by a rental car, you need to bear in mind the main rules to save fuel: don’t overdo the turns, avoid excessive speeds and start from Formula 1, close the windows while driving on the motorway, turn off the engine when you don’t need it.

rent a car

Beware of extras

One more question before leaving: what are the extras? They can change from supplier to supplier: your task is to go deeper into the subject. In fact, there are extras for young drivers, full insurance coverage for other countries, local taxes and deliveries at particular times.

There are extras that can make a difference. You have to choose them carefully. For example, child seats are indispensable, as is GPS: if you want to save time and fuel, it can help you especially if you don’t know the area. What you save by not taking it you could lose it in gas.

Code of the road

Dedicated to those who rent a car to move abroad: have you done a good study of the local road code? The rules change from country to country road signs are different as are laws and habits. It is too bad to be in trouble during a vacation and with a rented car.

Have you checked the car?

Before taking delivery of the car, you must check every detail. For example, he carefully observes the car and signals to those who rented it to you any dents or scratches. To report also any objects left inside. Safe travel also means this.

And how do you rent?

Did you know these points? Do you think it’s necessary to add anything to the list? Those in the habit of renting a car for their journeys in the city or outside the city certainly know the sector: we await new suggestions in the comments.

Whether it’s a coast-to-coast trip in the United States or a touring vacation to discover the wonders offered by our country, many Italians choose to rent a car for their holidays. But between clauses, costs, documents and optional, renting a vehicle is not always easy and the potential pitfalls are many.

Janis Baze