Get the best Hen party ideas

hen party ideas

Hen parties or hen nights are the trend of this century. Men celebrate bachelor party and women celebrate hen night or hen party. The very essence of these parties is to have fun. Hen parties are specially planned keeping the hen do in mind. The aim of the party is to make the hen do feel proud, special and happy. Hen party ideas must always be designed to present the hen do in a unique way. A hen party remains memorable when it is filled with fun and laughter. So, hen party ideas and activities must be fun giving and thrilling. Here are a few best hen party ideas.

  • Plan for a perfect hen night : If you love spending time with your closest buddies then you can always plan a hen night. May it be in your home or any of your friends home, you can all gather together for a dinner, enjoy some great food and drinks and spend the whole night chit chatting and playing fun games. This gives you a great memorable stay with your friends.


  • Try to make your own gifts : Gifts may not always be costly or wonderful items. A small gift which you prepare on your own matters very much to your dear once. You can try doing some art pieces or paper crafts and gift it to your buddies. Some photo collage, paper bags, frames with write-ups or autographs, lipstick mark board etc. can make very special gift for your friends.


  • Set a hen party guest book : This servers as a wonderful piece of memory. Collect some wonderful pictures of rare moments of all your guests. Ask them to write some message to the bride with their autographs. This will be a great asset or treasure for the bride.


  • Plan for a treasure hunt : Treasure hunt is always a best game for a group. This involves everyone who is at the party and keeps then engaged for quite some time. Organize a treasure hunt in your hen party and have lots of fun.


  • Try out cooking : If the bride to be and her friends are foodie, then all friends can gather at one place and try out different dishes. This allows them to help each other, laugh at others mistakes and enjoy cooking as a group.


  • Go on an outing : If the hen do and her friends love roaming outside, always choose an outing away from the city surroundings. Select a distant farm house or an interior home stay and spend a day in the lap of the nature. This gives peace and happiness to everyone.

Hen party ideas must always be designed keeping the interests of a hen do in mind. All hen dos are not the same. Some may love to sit at a quite place and chit chat, while some may want to push themselves in to rigorous activities. So always understand the choices and interests of a hen do and then plan the hen party activities.

Coralee Bravender