Choose Your Chances for the Metal Signs for You

Did you pay attention to which sign for a store or cafe attracts you the most? There have been cases in life when you do not plan to buy anything, but, passing a point of sale, you look into it? And an interesting signboard for the boutique encourages this. Agree, you should not underestimate the role of such an important attribute for the company as its pointer. The use of metal signs is quite impressive there.

According to marketers, a well-designed name for a store or hairdresser, for example, can provide up to 76 percent of the traffic of real customers. Another 68 percent are ready to make purchases or use the services only on the basis of a visual presentation of the product. That is why a sign is needed for a restaurant and other objects of the sphere of rendering services and sales, and not just with the name of the organization, but with capacious, accurate, original information. We offer you seven tips for creating compelling inscriptions.

Brevity is the soul of wit

metal signs

This is where the proverb finds its true application. A sign for a hotel or any other institution should convey the essence of the offered service and product in a fraction of a second when the look of a passerby is delayed on it. I need to respect customer time. This is even possible in the Internet space:

  • 140 character Twitter posts
  • Short videos on YouTube

What about the Vine, six-second video?

We are all used to short, but capacious in content messages. Therefore, even a sign for a pharmacy should be edited as long as there remains only the main thought that is easily grasped by the client. There should be no water! A sign for a clothing store, for example, should immediately transmit visual information about the product for which category of consumers it is intended.

Convincing color

In a carefully calibrated sign, color plays a huge role. Remember the “red” Coca-Cola, the “green” Sberbank, the “black and yellow” Beeline, the “yellow” McDonald’s. Often color can be associated with a brand. Studies show that 80% of respondents recognize an advanced company by the color scheme of its name, which means signage.

Another important nuance is fashionable colors. You need to be careful with this. Yes, it is possible that with this choice, the three summer months your sign will be in trend. And then what? Again adapt to the flow of fashion and make your customers almost re-open your brand? Or leave everything in the same form and become unattractive due to the irrelevant color of the sign for a shoe store today? Tip: be out of time. The sign is part of the brand. Long-lived brand and should be associated with it.

Size matters

To put it more simply, the larger the signboards on it, the easier and faster to read information, this is especially important for roadside signs that must be read at a considerable distance. So, if you need the name of the outlet to be clearly visible at a distance of 30 meters, the text should have a height of at least 25 cm.

Contact customers

Customers buy if the sign for the restaurant, for example, causes them positive visual associations (a wonderful evening, a rich menu, gourmet requests, unforgettable taste sensations). For this, it is recommended that you include a message in the text. Compare how attractive the sign sounds for the flower shop, if you designate “Flowers: give joy”.

Wilber Pelligra