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Before selling a property in the plant under construction, developers need to register a multitude of documents. Without them, the sale becomes irregular and consequently leaves the buyer subject to the application of scams and frauds. For this reason, never close a business without first having access to all documentation related to the project that will be built.

Initially, ask the developer for a copy of the memorial of incorporation of the work. It should contain detailed records of everything that will be built, the materials and equipment that will be used, as well as the names of those responsible for the project. Other documents must certify the ownership of the land, the precise calculation of the area of ​​the property and the construction project already approved by the City. You can visit https://www.findnctrianglehomes.com/ for the smartest options now.

Site and surroundings


It is not because you have decided to buy an apartment on the floor that you need to ignore the location and surroundings of the work. Thus, even if the developer has disclosed important information about the region of the venture, a visit there may be critical to obtaining other data, such as neighborhood profile, movement, noise, among others.

If you are purchasing a property with your spouse, make an appointment to allow them both to be in place. At this point, note the condition of the neighborhood’s infrastructure, road quality, accessibility and terrain topography. Being close to the work will also allow a better understanding of the incidence of light and wind in the lot, thus complementing the perception obtained with the project model.

Registration of Shares

During a property-purchase process, any savings are well received as long as they are not related to the notary’s office. This is because only properly registered documents can be recognized by law. In other words, having a deed record is the only way to attest that the good belongs to the individual who paid for it.

Even so, a lot of people ignore the officialization of buying actions in order not to pay extra costs. Without this guarantee, it is easy to be misled by a malicious developer who can abuse the lack of evidence to sell the same property to others. To avoid problems, don’t postpone your records and consider that small initial savings can be costly in the future.

Contract Details

More than a right, reading the entire contract is a trick for every buyer concerned with ensuring a smooth negotiation. In this document, you will find all the information you need to understand the buying and selling process, and you will agree to it upon signature.

So take the time to read each page carefully until the end. As much as you believe you understood everything, there will always be some data to be questioned and explained by the seller. With detailed evaluation, you also avoid accepting unfair terms and guaranteeing sufficient time to modify or negotiate contract proposals.

Insurance Conditions

The insurance contracted in a property purchase and sale process should be collateral for both parties. That is, it exists as much to protect the manager from the buyer’s default as the buyer himself from possible irregularities of the manager. So what’s the problem?

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