Why Web Design Is More About Development Than Designing

User experience is what makes the visitors stay on the website for longer period. Hence, while designing a website, you must not sacrifice the user experience aspect for the sake of an attractive design. At the end of the day, it’s the convenience factor what matters most. That’s the reason we, at our seattle web design company, focus on the website structure development rather than just using various graphic elements. Heavy graphics often make the page load slower, resulting in bad user experience, and lower search engine ranking.

Web design: How to create a custom menu in WordPress

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So to create a custom menu on WordPress, once again, you have to go back to your dashboard. Then on the left-hand side, we can click where it says appearance and under that click menus. When we get here, the first thing we need to do is give our menu a name. We are just going to call this “menu one,” then on the right-hand side, we can click create menu. Now on the left-hand side we will see a list of our different pages, and we can also click here to see posts. Once we start adding blog posts, they will appear here. We can also add custom links to our menu and categories. If for whatever reason you don’t see one of these boxes appearing here, we can just click screen options up at the top and make sure the box is checked. We have to click where it says pages, then we can check the box beside each one of our pages in the list, and click “add the menu.” When we do that, we are going to see them appear here on the right-hand side, and the order of this list is from top to bottom will be from left to right when we add it to the menu.

So to have our homepage at the start of our menu, we just want to make sure it’s at the top of this list. Then if I want to move my contact page to be at the end, we just need to click and drag it into position. We can click and drag each of these into the position we want them. Then when we are happy with the order of our menu, we can just check the box beside where it says primary menu to assign the menu, and then click Save.  Once our menus are saved and assigned, we can visit our site by clicking our site title at the top, and we’ll see that our new menu is live on our website. You can now see that your homepage is at the start, and contact me page is at the end. So that’s how to create a custom menu.

One thing you might notice though, for an example on the contact me page, it looks a bit weird having the title and the image. For pages like this, I’m going to show you how to hide page titles so that the page title won’t show up and the image will move up to the top of the page. To do this, we just need to install a plugin. But that’s for the next lesson, today’s session ends here.

Janis Baze