Why use asbestos and why removal is needed?

Asbestos Removal Cambridge is a process of removing asbestos-containing material and asbestos from the places where it was installed earlier like corrugated roof sheets, ceiling boards, gaskets, insulation pipes, etc. It becomes mandatory to remove asbestos when elements containing it starts ageing, wear, and tear leading to asbestos fiber emission in the air. The major reason behind it is the severe damages caused by asbestos to the human body

The asbestos fibers in the air, when breathed in by any human, they start lodging in the lungs. This often raises lung and respiratory issues on a severe scale. It can cause diseases like mesothelioma or lung cancer. The risk is even higher when a person is exposed to direct asbestos doing the drilling, cutting, or sawing without any precautions. The symptoms occur years after exposure to asbestos and so it gets more difficult to identify the disease. When diagnosed, it causes traumatic situations. That’s the major reason for removing asbestos even with a slight crack.

Why used when harmful?

Now we know that asbestos is causing serious health issues, so why are we even using it?

The simple answer to this is its desirable merits which are inevitable and cannot be found in any other material. Asbestos serves with various properties simultaneously like

  1. Durable fibers
  2. Heat resistant
  3. Chemically inert and resistant
  4. Electric insulator
  5. Soundproof
  6. Water-resistant
  7. Cheap

How to minimize asbestos exposure-

  • If any form of asbestos is installed in your home, take care of it- don’t scratch it, don’t drill it, and don’t try to use any tool on it. Take a note of the age and condition of the asbestos, that if it needs to be removed.
  • Always consult licensed companies specializing in asbestos removal and ensure precautions in the complete process
  • If there’s any delay in reaching asbestos removal, try to keep the material wet, which will bind fibers to not release in the air.
  • Do not throw any asbestos material strongly, more fibers will be released with this. Instead, take it and place it softly wherever needed.
  • When you dispose of it, don’t throw it in the dustbin or any ground near you. It should be disposed of at the proper disposal area with the permission of the Asbestos section.

How to check if any material contains asbestos

There can be many materials that include asbestos but you may be unaware of that. When in doubt, try not to do any drilling, cutting, sewing, etc. to the material. Though may or may not contain asbestos you should ensure your safety. Do not try to check the presence of asbestos on your own. One should contact an asbestos abatement company who will collect the sample and send it to the respective laboratory. Proper analysis will be made in the laboratory to confirm the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos Removal Cambridge

Asbestos removal is a significant process that you should not ignore. Competent licensed and authorized contractors should be hired for the process. The Contractor will ensure that no asbestos fibers are released during the process. Many of the contractors tested the air sample after the asbestos abatement, to check if any fiber was released. So, check in your home to save your lives. Asbestos is a necessary evil we need to live with until we find a new harmful material with similar properties.

Abdul Hepa