The Perfect Combat Archery for You Now

Athletes in the classic bow and naked bow categories competing at the World Games shared their tips for field shooting. Field archers shoot across a course of several targets installed in the countryside, on sloping terrain, in nature and with both known and unknown shooting distances. They thus face the challenges presented by light and shadows, changes in height and terrain that can be deceptive. It’s a special set of skills to have. Here’s what you need to be good at field combat archery singapore .


You have to be in a good physical condition so that when you get to the stake, your heart rate slows down quickly before you shoot. The walking route was fairly flat, but this is not always the case.


According to experts, success comes from the position of your body: A good balance helps you stand in all kinds of places and have control of your body when you bend completely up or down. Beginning archers in-field shooting often move their arms up and down to aim at sloping targets but to maintain the T position necessary for regular shooting the curvature must come from the bust or waist.

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Estimating Distances

Being able to correctly guess distances when shooting at unknown distances and not worrying about making a bad arrow or a low score a target is key because the field competition is long and there are a lot of opportunities to catch up.


For Brady Ellison, triple Olympic medalist, double world champion in field archery and four times Hyundai World Cup champion in archery, it is by forging that one becomes a blacksmith. The more experienced you are the better. When the ground is a little flatter there is no need to know as much. You just have to know how to estimate and make sure your viewfinder settings are correct he says.

But when you arrive in the mountains and there are angles, the situation is very different. This is where 90% of the knowledge and experience comes from field shooting, the knowledge of angles and slopes and what will happen, and it is also where field shooting becomes difficult.


You have to like shooting at different distances and in different conditions because, in-field shooting, time and light will probably change from target to target, explains the Italian classic archer Jessica Tomasi. You have to be able to adapt to the environment, and you also have to love nature.

Be Multitasking

You have to be able to think about a lot of things at the same time: determining the distance, measuring it in your head, adjusting your arc for each shot, said Naomi Folkard, second in the 2017 World Games after losing in the final tie. You have to be able to shoot in different positions and get a good shot even when your body is not in the right position.

Why are archers practising both disciplines so successful?

It is not a coincidence. It’s archery. When you love archery, you should practice all disciplines. Field shooting is so different from target shooting, and the archery season is so long, whether indoors or outdoors, but field shooting is a short time when you can really practice archery. It’s not bad for target shooting, it’s good for the heart and mind, and it’s real archery.

Janis Baze