The Paper Bags Just the Way That You would want Them to Be

Paper is an economical, practical and environmentally friendly type of packaging material, unlike plastic, which harms the Earth’s ecosystem. Many European countries have completely abandoned plastic bags. Our country, thousands of people supported the actions of “Break with the package” and “Package. From Shopper personalizzate you will be having the best options now. The choices are there and all you will have to do is to go for the very best brands. For your company there can be nothing better than this one and that is quite perfectly executed now.

The whole civilized world is returning to paper packaging. The number of plastic bags is gradually reduced, and for our country manufacturers of similar products from 2019 it is planned to introduce an additional tax. The government is developing legislative measures that in the coming years will make the use of paper containers more efficient and widespread. Therefore, producing paper bags will only become more profitable. What other reasons make this type of production a winning option for starting a business?

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We will name 5 main ones:

  1. Paper bags are in demand in various industries: from restaurants to construction companies. Structural changes have significantly increased their carrying capacity. In addition, some products and materials can only be stored in the paper (flour, sugar, building mixtures).
  2. Demand for products does not depend on the size of the settlement. Packages are equally in demand in large cities and in small towns.
  3. Clear production technology. It can be simplified to the following scheme: making a paper tube of a workpiece applying an image fixing and fixing the bottom gluing or flashing inserting a valve (optional) packing in bales (pressing).
  4. A large number of suppliers of raw materials.
  5. High profitability (30-40%) and quick payback (12-13 months).

How to use paper bags

Paper bags are single-layer and multi-layer. They are made of different materials: coated paper, cardboard, efalin, imitlin, design and kraft paper. In shape, they are divided into vertical and horizontal, with a flat bottom, in the form of a sachet (glued from 3 sides) and corners (2 sides remain open). This species diversity is constantly expanding the scope of paper bags.

They are used for packaging:

  • Food products – baking, bakery products, flour, salt, coffee, tea, cereals
  • Ready-made meals to order fast food (paper packaging does not change the taste of food, holds the right temperature, absorbs excess fat)
  • Flowers and plants
  • Gifts, including in advertising campaigns (at presentations, guests are presented with packages with the company logo, souvenirs and information materials are placed in them)
  • Elite alcohol (original paper packaging, according to marketers, sometimes increases sales by up to 40%)
  • Clothes (a paper bag is transformed from packaging into a fashion accessory)
  • Industrial products and dry building mixtures (porosity allows you to maintain an optimal level of air exchange, bacteria and mold spores do not multiply in packets)
  • Agricultural products – seeds, fertilizers, feed
  • Coal for barbecues (it is in principle impossible to store in synthetic packaging).

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Vern Villasenor