The Best Self Massage Options for You

A massage roller is a tool that can prevent injuries and helps recover quickly after intense effort. With the foam roller, the contractures have the days counted. You can opt for this option and find the best solutions.


This article provides information to use the massage roller well, to know what it does, to know what types of foam roller there are and many other things to decide which foam roller to buy.

Benefits of the foam roller for mountain runners

From time to time new trends come to the community of runners, new training techniques, new theories about food, new tools. Here it is. Lately (and increasingly) you hear about the massage roller. But what is the massage roller?

Foam roller Twin

Almost everyone has gone to talk about foam roller or at least we have seen this mythological animal in the gym, but most of us, myself included, have never really taken it into consideration.

  • Let’s say that runners have a hard time doing something other than running, even if it could bring benefits.
  • However, because of some injuries, I have had to go to the physiotherapist quite often. After several sessions, he has advised me to use the foam roller regularly to relax the muscles and tendons and prevent small discomforts from becoming true injuries. And that’s how he started to get into the world of the foam roller.
  • It works. No more no less.

The foam roller is very useful to reduce contractures in the legs and you, mountain runners, know exactly what I mean. The contracture pursues you inexorably.

  • What is foam roller or massage roller?
  • Is foam roller good? What are the benefits of foam rollers for runners?
  • How to use the foam roller correctly? When to use the massage roller?
  • How to choose the best foam roller?

The best exercises with a foam roller for the runner

What foam roller to buy?

What is foam roller or massage roller?

It is a cylinder made of different materials that can have various shapes on the surface. It is used to perform myofascial self-massage and release muscles from contractures and pain knots also called trigger points.

What are the trigger points?

Trigger points are knots of contracted muscle fibers.

Why do trigger points hurt?

Trigger points hurt because at these points toxic waste accumulates as a result of cellular metabolism. That is, the muscle burns gasoline during training, and this “combustion” creates “ashes.” These ashes generate micro inflammations that hurt.

What are the benefits of the massage roller?

These are the benefits of a foam roller:

The foam roller increases blood flow to the damaged tissues thereby accelerating recovery with more blood flow, more nutrients, more oxygen and more ability to swelling scoria. The foam roller removes the contractures of the legs the massage roller helps muscle flexibility. The foam roller along with stretching exercises can lengthen the muscles. Undo muscle knots relieving pain and overall well-being of the athlete. The massage roller increases the range of joint movement. This study of the Medicine Science in Sports & Exercise shows how foam roller reduces pain and increases the range of joint movement.

Janis Baze