Pictorial representation of human thoughts and ideas

Art Jamming

As a human being people are involved in various activities sometimes that activity or work may be bored due to few unavoidable reasons and there is no proper reorganization and rewards when that work has been done after putting lot much effort. This leads to the employee gets irritated due to heavy work many got mind pressure that may spoil the health so in order to overcome all those things many has been individually involved in creative work which makes them distress and pressure. Such activity is named to be Art Jamming .Art is one type of creative work you may have the question of doing this creative one work can plan, think and do that increase stress more. Then how did we say it’s a de-stress activity? It does not mean one should plan and draw the thing on the screen or paper. It is one of fun mode activity where the working team members usually spending their time to create a fun mode while doing some art using the paint and other tools that wipes out all the tension and other stress beyond that this art jamming brings the people who are talented in the creative thinking of art in larger gatherings. Even this activity is a non-judicial one many has been recognized and motivated where they can leave out from all the others with free mind doing that work. Here many socialism happens as the new people meet together to share their ideas and thoughts. It is a fun-filled activity once the people did such a thing definitely they got motivated and rejuvenated.

Who can be a participant besides this creating what people can get here?

People do have doubts about who can be a participant in this art jamming. As I told it’s a fun-filled activity so even the person who doesn’t have experience in creation or painting can come and join in this type of painting one can draw the painting without any hesitation at all. there are no limits to draw even if the people don’t have ideas about how to draw and what to draw few organized people are there to make some assistance for the people who are new to this workshop. Even if you are stuck in between the picture they give references in order to give creative painting. There is no one here to judge you whatever the thing in your mind you can draw that on paper so that people can be relieved from the stress and other things. There are certain rules and regulations for making teams and larger gatherings. Mostly in the art, they used to allow only 12 members because of a personal, friendly vibe. There is a question what can I learn beyond this painting work? Yes, you could learn how to make yourself to be enjoyable even though when you are in a tough situation and where you can some of the benefits like soft drinks fun music, opportunity to mingle all aged groups without any gender differences. When you are not able to complete the painting on time people used to encourage you personally to finish that some other leisure time. Such a good option available for this art jamming there is no compulsion to complete it.

Abdul Hepa