Is it also possible to restore a defective RAID partition in Windows?

A software RAID in Windows can be offline or inconsistent for a variety of reasons. Other than suggested in the error message, it does not recommend using tools like CHKDSK without the necessary experience and protection. For important data, always contact a data recovery specialist to determine the best way to recover data. It also provides recovery of broken RAID partitions in various file systems and operating systems. It starts with a structured analysis of the defective RAID partition. Thereafter, the reconstruction of the logically damaged data, so that the actual RAID partition also called volume can be read again and completely restored. For the hard drive recovery this is the smartest detail now.

How to recover a broken partition

If a disk partition is broken, a logical reconstruction and file system structure recovery is the first important step. Often there are also logical damages in the file systems that are primarily recovered manually for quality reasons. Before you run the risk of losing your data forever, we recommend a professional diagnosis of your hard drive. After that, we can specifically tell you about the cost of repairing the partition and data recovery.

Can you restore the partition table from an external hard drive?

Hard drive recovery

It often happens that the partition table a kind of index about the system files has been corrupted or overwritten. This can happen due to aborted formatting operations or due to improper removal of USB hard drives on the computer. Experts often receive requests from users who tell us that their partition has been destroyed. In the analysis, this type of logical damage is often confirmed. It is important in the case of defective partition tables of external hard disks and USB sticks that as far as possible, no direct write accesses are made on the medium. It should be contacted as directly as possible a specialist for data recovery.

I need individual files from a deleted partition, could you restore them?

If individual files, e.g. Outlook PST files or Office data are needed from a deleted partition, usually the entire partition is restored. Depending on whether logical damage has been caused by further processing, by formatting and overwriting the deleted partition, it may happen that not all files within a deleted partition can be consistently restored. Therefore, it makes sense to restore individual files of high importance and priority from a defective or deleted disk partition. It is best to make an appointment directly to analyze the hard disk with professionals. They will then help you immediately.

Causes of loss or disappearance of a partition

  • Partition deleted or resolved (human error)
  • Overwrite or format the partition (partition remains, but data has been deleted)
  • Broken partition table or FAT table damaged
  • NTFS boot sector damaged or defective
  • Damage by partitioning with third-party tools

Definition of terms: partition of a volume

A partition represents part of a physical volume on which data can be written and read consecutively. Different partitions are treated as separate drives by the operating system and are therefore largely independent of each other. Only the physical constraint and the existing context limit the size and availability of partitions. If several partitions are accommodated on a physical data medium, then a mechanical defect threatens a loss of data of all partitions located thereon.

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