Improper Assistance in Nursing Homes and Abuses

Nursing Homes are not providing good care to elder people. Many nursing homes are providing great help to elder people and medical support. Some of the nursing homes are profit-oriented and are very lethargic in their activities. They just receive the profit from the trust and are focusing it as a business. They have no thoughts on the welfare and good health of the elder people. They are not on the service motto and they do not do justice to the term nursing homes. Many cases of abuse are taking place in these kinds of nursing homes. One can get justice from the elder abuse attorney .

elder abuse attorney

Nursing homes are trusted more by each and every people. But all the nursing homes are not providing good support to the elder people. The nursing homes are not appointing proper daycare workers. This is automatically resulting in the bitter state of the nursing homes. The staff members should be more in a nursing home in order to take care of the elder people in a great manner. Physical abuses are common in nursing homes when staff members are not adequate. When a staff member of the nursing home is forced to take care of all the residents without any breaks then this affects the elder people.

The staff cannot look after all the residents and they will have to neglect some of them and this leads to a different form of abuse. Thus, the main root of the abuse in the nursing homes is due to improper staffing. The staff should be paid correctly and they should be encouraged to serve better. When the staff members are treated well in the nursing homes then the residents will be taken care of in a proper way. The head of the nursing home should maintain proper staffing and help them to do their work in a better way.

Need for Proper Assistance:

The elder people will need more attention and they will expect assistance even for small tasks. They should be properly assisted in all the tasks by the staff members and so they can lead a better life. If the staff members are neglecting the elder people then it will affect the elder person. Thus the abuse starts and physical abuse is not only the abuse, there are many other forms such as mental abuse, psychological abuse and sexual abuse. The elder people will have some saving and the staff members will know better about them.

There are many chances to take the savings of the elder people by the staff members. This is also a form of abuse known as financial exploitation. The financial exploitation will be a major problem in nursing homes as the elder people cannot check the activities of the staff members regularly. There are more reports on financial exploitation in nursing homes. The staff members will themselves create a credit account in the bank on the name of the elder person in the nursing home and take control of all the savings of the person. The other way of financial exploitation is charging a high amount for the nursing homes without giving any proper facilities to the residents.

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