Finer Options for the perfect options in Affiliate Marketing

To gain access to advertisements or links from companies that you want to promote, you must be registered with an affiliate marketing network. This is basically an intermediary between the advertiser and the publisher. These networks offer ready-made banners and links that you can place on your website. When you learn how to make money with affiliate marketing then you will also know that this is the best deal.

Take Daisycon for example

An affiliate marketing network has been active since 2000. Currently, there are already 30,000 active websites (publishers) and more than 1,100 advertisers registered. So you can advertise for more than 1,100 different companies.

In addition to the many links and advertisements that Daisycon has

how to make money with affiliate marketing

The network also offers ready-made comparators, which you can place on your website within a few minutes by copying the code. This way you have a comparison site ready in no time. Daisycon offers the following comparators:

  • All-in-one comparator (internet, calling and TV)
  • Car insurance comparator
  • Accounting software comparator
  • Dating site comparator
  • Energy comparator
  • Sim-only comparator
  • Telecom comparator
  • Funeral cost tool
  • Health insurance cover

Different ways of earning

There are different ways in which you can earn money within affiliate marketing. The way in which you are paid differs per advertiser.

CPL (Cost per lead)

CPL (Cost per lead) means that you get paid for every time a visitor leaves personal data on the advertiser’s website, for example, a registration for a newsletter, a seminar or a request for a quote.

CPC (Cost per click)

CPC (Cost per click) means that you get a small payout for every time a visitor clicks on the placed ad or link. Not every advertiser gives this compensation, but you can earn a lot of money with it if you have a lot of visitors on your website. An advertiser usually gives this compensation to increase his / her brand awareness.

CPS (Cost per sale)

CPS (Cost per sale) is a payment that you receive when a redirected visitor actually makes a purchase on the advertiser’s website. This way you can earn the most money because the commissions are usually quite high.

Example: Pietje has a website or blog about festivals. He has written an article in which he promotes a festival. Jantje views the article and clicks on an advertisement/link. He then buys a ticket via this link. Pietje receives a percentage of the turnover of the sold festival ticket for this.

CPA (Cost per action)

CPA (Cost per action) is a fee that you receive when a redirected visitor proceeds to an action/conversion on the advertiser’s website. This can be anything. For example a registration, a purchase or a cash deposit at an online casino.

CPM (Cost per mille)

CPM (Cost per mille) is a fee for displaying banners/advertisements. It is the amount that is paid for 1000 impressions. The advertiser hereby pays for the number of impressions of the advertising message, and not for the number of visitors that are delivered via the banner/advertisement.

Choose a suitable niche

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is finding a suitable niche. A niche is a specific, often small and defined part of the market, such as children’s clothing, razor blades or socks.

Wilber Pelligra