Essential tools for your 3D printer

In order to take full advantage of the performance of your 3D printer, you need the right tools. Before printing, after printing and maintenance, this article will focus on the essential tools that will simplify your life. With the Overall reviews of silver powder , you will be able to understand the ,best deals now.

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Adhesive solutions

Adhesion to the platen is a very important part of 3D model printing. The glue tube is one of the simple and practical solutions for your piece to adhere well to the board. Then just put glue on the printing plate. The lacquer is the other solution to fix the part to the printing plate. However, we recommend removing the tray for ,the application of it in order to avoid projections on the axes and the inside of the machine. Other adhesion solutions exist and are adapted to different materials.

Find out in detail how to choose your plateau adhesion and the advantages of different solutions depending on the printed materials.


Clamps are also very practical because they have several uses. From the manipulation of the filament to its cutting, it is important to choose good quality pliers with a rubber grip and anti-slip. Expert recommends cutting pliers to cut your bevel filament before printing. And a universal clamp to remove the support of your parts.

Post impression: the indispensable tools


It is possible that your piece is so well stuck to your board that it is difficult to remove it. When this happens, the spatula creates a vacuum under the room to take off gradually. You must then pass the spatula under the room and lift carefully. For a good start, we advise you to bring a 50mm spatula useful in many situations.


The scalpel is the ideal tool for finishing your pieces. It removes excess filament and support.

Needle files

The use of a kit of needle files makes it possible to take off or detach the raft from the printed object in 3D but also to retouch your printed parts by filing imperfections with different shapes they adapt to all situations.

Modifi3D finishing tool

Modifi3D is a heating tool that allows you to post-process your parts. It cuts, smoothes, cleans your parts. With its different interchangeable heads, it is the indispensable tool for you,ur prints.

an LCD caliper

A digital caliper has many uses in the field of 3D printing. Indeed it is useful to control the dimensions of parts, filament measurements. This diameter can then be adjusted in your slicer software if necessary. Find all our advice on the post-impression processing of your parts through our guide. Smoothing, assembly, dissolution of support, polishing of your parts, our guide accompanies you.

Maintenance: tools and current operations

Lubricant and grease

It is important to perform the preventive maintenance of your printer. It is likely that you will have to lubricate the axes of your machine. Maintaining your 3D printer is essential, and day-to-day operations are necessary to take full advantage of your machine’s performance.


The tweezers are essential tools to have on hand in your prints. Perfect for removing the molten filament coming out of the hot nozzle, they are also useful for cleaning your prints. Thanks to their different sizes, they allow being ready for every eventuality.

Janis Baze