Dubai Business Opportunities As It Come

Are you thinking of starting or doing business in Dubai? Good choice. Dubai is considered the ideal city for business in the Middle East, with huge advantages in the areas of logistics, with free and attractive import and export policy options. There are rules of business etiquette to be followed by foreigners doing business in Dubai, to avoid disturbing residents at work. Here are tips for doing online business in dubai :

online business in dubai

Working days and hours are different from other parts of the world:

The official day off in Dubai is Friday, but most of the multinational sector is also off on Saturday. Generally, office hours start from 8:30 am or 9 am to 5:30 pm or 6 pm. During Ramadan, working hours between June and July are legally reduced to 6 hours. But some companies only give Muslims a break, as they fast during the day. Therefore, it is not advisable to schedule meetings or visit companies after 1 pm in the month of Ramadan.

Formal clothes are extremely important:

Most men in Dubai wear a white ankle-length robe, known as Dish-Dasha and a headcloth known as Gutra. Many local women wear a floor-length robe known as Abaya, which covers them from head to toe and often even the face, except the eyes. Work clothes in Dubai tend to be quite formal for foreigners who are temporarily on business. They are personalized with pants, skirts, collared shirts and jackets or suits. That is the norm. Women should dress modestly or conservatively, covering their shoulders, arms and knees. Women should not wear short skirts and stained clothes when they are on business. This is extremely important during Ramadan. If you are traveling to central Dubai, get the traditional costume.

Plan carefully for business meetings:

Do not organize appointments on Fridays, as it is the Muslim day of prayer and rest. Handshake is standard in the business world. Many men and women in Dubai will not shake hands with the opposite sex. Wait for someone to reach out first, and then return the gesture. Instead of a handshake, you can place your right hand over your heart. Cards are essential. always take a small battery with you. They are usually delivered at the beginning of the meeting, after a formal greeting. Finally, think about what you are going to talk about. While the conversation flows casually, during a meeting, do not choose topics about Arab culture in public, as this will possibly be seen as an insult. Be especially careful when discussing religion and politics, as these tend to be sensitive issues. Upcoming projects and local developments tend to be safer topics for conversation.

Be more sensitive to religious laws during the holy month of Ramadan:

Ramadan is the holy month of the Islamic religion and falls between June and July, in most years. Muslims fast during the day and focus their activities on prayer, fasting and charity. You should be especially vigilant about the laws during this time, as the religious police tend to be less tolerant during this time. Public displays of affection, of dressing, drinking, eating, or even being seen accompanied by a local woman if you are a foreign man in public during fast hours will certainly be noticed and can lead to a prison sentence of a light sentence.

Wilber Pelligra