Build a good Relationship Among the Team Members

An understanding and the cooperative team can do wonders in the workplace. Each and every team of a company should maintain camaraderie among themselves. Many people lack the skills to perform in a good team. Those people will not cooperate with the team, sticks to their own views, and not understanding the situations of other team members. There will be no cooperation from them and will always indulge in unnecessary arguments. These are the negative traits of a good team worker. Thus, these traits should be changed and they should be trained to work in a team. Team Building possible through simple activities without taking some boring lectures on the topic.

There are numerous activities in which the team members can be trained well to cooperate with the team members. Many of the corporate companies will use indoor activities to train their workers. The indoor activities involve Campfire stories, Memory Wall, Code of Conduct, Silver Lines, old Couples, truth, and Lies. There are some other outdoor activities like Hole in many, Back to Back Drawing and more. These activities can be performed in the leisure time of the people in the company. One of the best outdoor activities is Body of Words. In this activity, many of the skills related to team building can be learned in a simple way.

Team Building

An Interesting Physical Activity:

This is also a fun game in which the team members involved physically. The main motive of this game is to create letters and frame them as words with the bodies. This activity is a great way to help the people to relax from their hectic schedules and also to train on the team building. This game can have 8 to 24 participants. The maximum time duration of the game will be just 30 minutes. So, the game can be easily arranged in leisure time without disturbing the company’s work. The team members can develop the skill of planning an event, innovative thinking, and also the skill of cooperating with the other team members.

One can enjoy the activity to a greater extent as it involves many members and also it is more than physical activity. The members of the activity are first divided into groups containing 4 to 8 people as per the total strength of the participants. Each and every team should choose a leader of the team. The team should write some words which start with the same letter. The letters should be less than the number of members of the team. In case if the team consists of six members then the letters must only five.

The words must be noted on the index cards. One should randomly pick a word from the index card. Then the team has to find out the letters and frame the word as guided by the team leader. Each and every team leader should be changed per round and so everyone gets the chance to lead the team. This activity will be interesting and the team which finds the letters and frames the word in less timing is the winner.

Wilber Pelligra