To know about African Hunting Safari

The African continent is one of the largest places of habitat for many different wildlife species in the earth. An African Hunting Safari is one of the costly affairs. The month of September – October and March –April are the best general months for an African Hunting Safari. The temperature during these months isn’t so scorching hot. Weather conditions remains pleasant to enjoy and hang around the top destinations such as –

South Africa for Cape buffalo

Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park for leopards

Botswana’s Selina Reserve for a high concentration of wildlife

South Africa’s Kruger National Park for a variety of species and birds

Kenya’s Masai Mara National Park for cheetah, leopard and lion

Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park for wildebeest migration and zebra

African Hunting Safari

Ten best animals to Hunt in African Safari are – Impala; Blue Wildebeest; Greater Kudu; Zebra; Gemsbok; Cape Buffalo; Springbok; Warthog; Eland, and Leopard.

A member of the “Big 5” species, Cape Buffalo is one of the very popular impressive and challenging species of the deadly game among hunters. The species are widely disseminated throughout the south and eastern part of Africa for hunters. Indistinctly associated with domesticated cattle, Cape Buffalo is renowned to be huge, ill tempered and tough. Cape buffalo hunting can be done in the following countries of Africa:

Hunt cape buffalo in South Africa

Hunting in South Africa can be done by rifle, black powder or bow what u want to choose. it’s a great value in a cape buffalo bull hunt. In Africa cape buffalo hunt trophy organized by many organizations in which hunter has to select his target to add in his game room and then he hunts in a vast area.

Cape Buffalo Hunts in Zambia

As the cape buffalo hunt trophy organized in South Africa ,the same game organized in Zambia also. In Zambia crayshaw defassa waterbuck and craysha zebra are also available to hunt.

Masai land Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

This is one of the most fabulous hunts of African hunting. During this hunt one can experience the cultural and traditional values of pastoral Maasai People through meetings and interactions.

Selous Reserve Cape Buffalo Hunting Safari

This is one of the best cape buffalo hunts in Tanzania’s fabulous Selous Reserve. To shoot a trophy cape buffalo, one has to shot special buffalo among the masses of buffalo from a well-defined and fixed location. July and August are prime months for Buffalo Hunting in Selous Reserve Safari.

Cape Buffalo Cow Hunting Safari

Hunting Cape Buffalo Cow is very challenging, as they mostly found in mobs with calf and persist very alert all the time. Hence, isolate an older cow without a calf can be very much tricky in such hunting safari.

Hunt Cape Buffalo in Mozambique

This is incredible hunting in wild Mozambique for Cape Buffalo with a free-range. This is one of the best cape buffalo hunting areas in all of the African Continent as there is no confined area. Hunting is done in traditional ways, by tracing of herds or groups of Dugga boys by tracking on foot. This is a truly dangerous game safari called Black Death.

Coralee Bravender