The true Essence for the Scrap Books Now available for You

To be pleasant to consult, a scrapbook must be able to open a flat. This is especially important if you put double-page photos, the centerfold prevents you from highlighting the photo. For the craft die cuts this is one essential task and that is the reason that you need to be specific on the same now. This is one essential option that you need to be specific in any case. Just be sure that you are on the right path now in every sense.

The logo of the lab

  • How to make a scrapbook
  • Cover and first pages without logo

By imposing an advertising logo on the cover ( first or last page ), some labs offer more attractive rates. Look carefully where is this logo and its size, it would be a shame to spoil the appearance of your book ( it’s less “pro” ) to save a few euros. And it’s “your” book, not the lab!

The creation of the scrapbook

  • Once you have chosen all the elements of your book, you have to create and layout it.
  • First option: use the free software of the lab

Example of specialized lab software

This is the easy way because you do not need special knowledge, and the software is designed to fit the lab criteria. Check, however, that the software is available for your computer, some only work with Windows for example to the detriment of the Mac.

craft die cuts

Privilege software that allows you to do the layout locally on your computer

It’s faster and easier than having to wait for each photo to be uploaded to the lab site. You will be able to work without being connected and will also avoid transfer problems if your web access is a bit capricious.

Some software allows you to decorate your layout with illustrations, filters, captions. Do not overdo it but for a travel book, for example, it can be nice to complete the photos with some well-chosen motifs and legends.

To finalize your book, simply save the project via the software and then transfer it to the lab following the instructions provided. The best labs allow you to memorize this project to be able to order a second copy of the book without having to redo everything.

Second option: use specialized photo software

If you are already using specialized photo software like Lightroom or Photoshop, and you feel comfortable enough with it, you can prepare your layout in this software and then generate a print-ready file. The Lightroom “Book” module is particularly efficient and easy to use. Serious labs accept this type of format, usually PDF.


Have you finished your layout and are you impatient to see the result? Make sure the lab is responsive enough to deliver quickly. This is particularly important if you have to deliver the scrapbook on the occasion of a wedding for example. The fastest, like Saal Digital that we interviewed [link], can produce your book in 24h (out of delivery time)!

In conclusion

With the exhibition draw, the scrapbook remains the format par excellence to highlight your best photos. Designing a scrapbook has never been easier since labs offer a plethora of offers and simple to use the software.

Vern Villasenor