The Perfect Options for the Best International Film

A typical viewer in the United States or Russia is a teenager or a young man slightly over 20. In Korea, the average cinema visitor is ten years older. It is much more difficult to drag such a person into a special-effect fairy tale about giant robots or superheroes. For example, the only film from the MARVEL universe that sold more than 10 million tickets (but still does not make it into the top ten box office) Is Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which several action scenes were shot in Seoul, which was the main reason success. The visit to makes things perfect now.

The older and more educated the viewer, the more he appreciates the local cinema. Unless, of course, the directors do not try to copy Hollywood and they care about who they shoot their pictures for. In addition, sophisticated moviegoers ensure the existence of a small parallel industry of Korean arthouse.

Yoon Jae Gyun

The head of the JK film company, director Yoon Jae-gun is the king of a purely Korean genre: a melodramatic blockbuster. His work is “Ode to My Father,” or a recent production project, the mountain film “The Himalayas,” for which several million tickets were sold in South Korea alone. Yoon knows how to hurt the strings of an Asian soul, although critics sometimes blame him for being overly sentimental.

Ryu Son Wang

The director, producer and actor Ryu Son Wang has loved two things since childhood: martial arts and cinema, later hobbies were embodied in his career. Until recently, he did homages to Quentin Tarantino: in the Ryu film “No Blood, No Tears” there were many references to “Jackie Brown”, and in the “City of Violence” allusions to “Kill Bill”. Now the director has become more serious and specializes in tragicomic action films, where he highlights the main problems of our time corruption and capitalism.

Pong Joon Ho

Pong Joon Ho has already become a modern classic Memoirs of a Murder are among the best paintings of the past decade. True, those who consider him the director of the author’s cinema will be surprised that almost all of the master’s works are hits of the Korean box office. Moreover, Pont invariably sets records for the size of the budgets of his blockbusters. The most successful project, Dinosaur Invasion, set an unattainable cost bar of $ 11 million for the Korean film industry of the 2000s, while the Okcha shot for Netflix cost as much as $ 50 million, which is 4-5 times more than the most expensive films of other authors.

Kim Han Min

Kim Han Min is the author of the highest-grossing Korean film of all time, Battle for Men Ryan (17 million tickets in a country with a population of 50 million). The success of the picture can be explained by the combination of the story familiar to every Korean about the legendary 16th-century naval commander Lee Sung Sin with the furious dynamics of a modern action movie. Moreover, the director did not use Hollywood recipes but developed his own style of medieval action in the previous work, “Arrow. The ultimate weapon. ” True, an attentive Russian audience may notice that both paintings were made under the influence of “Alexander Nevsky” by Sergei Eisenstein.

Janis Baze