The expression of black on the protest “Black lives matter”

We all know the huge protest that took place all over the world. There were protests even amidst the pandemic situation. This protest was a voice to all the black people who suffered because of oppression and slavery. People showed their support for this protest in many ways. There were Black life matters poetry , Black lives matter arts, illustrations, and whatnot. Social media raised its voice and people from all over the world shouted in one voice that “The blacks live really matters”

The starting point of this protest is the murder of George Floyd. George was allegedly killed by police officers for no reason. He was killed by a police officer who pressurized his throat with a bootleg. The police officer did not stop even when George cried out for water. George said that he was not able to breathe. Even then the racist police officer did not lend him an ear. George died gasping for air. This news was like adding fuel to fire and people all over the world were raged because of this. White, black, brown, Asian, or whatnot! Everyone raised their voice against the brutality that took place against the black people.

Many people wrote heart-wrenching poetry and poured out their grief and anger in words. People were united in the cause of standing against racist people and racist government.

Black life matters poetry

It is high time that we need to have a closer look at our life and society. We call ourselves the most educated generation but sill we have to fight for equality. We make innovative inventions and awe the world but we still have racism. No matter who you are, a doctor, an entrepreneur, or a scientist. Your education is useless if you are a racist. If you are dividing people and judging them based on their color then you are no greater than the caveman.

We have evolved so far or at least we claim that we have evolved so far. But really? Are we even humans at the basic level if we see others as different because of the skin tone. Why is slavery still embedded in your brains and body? Because no matter what we learn or where we go to school our basic education stems from the society we live in. We are a collective species, we need to educate the society on this. There is no racism, there is no fascism, there is no high or low, in fact, to speak from the spiritual point of view there are no human beings. We are all dust. Dust from a star. You need to have a greater insight to understand all this. You no need to be a spiritual guru to respect people and their opinions. All you have to be is a basic human being who has compassion and love towards fellow human beings. No two people are the same. We all are different. Just because someone else is not like you, it does not mean that they are bad or evil. We cannot expect everyone to be like we or I will say we should not expect everyone to be like us!

Vern Villasenor