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A cheaper alternative to glass is acrylic known under the trade name Plexiglas. This can also be made by various online providers accurately fitting socket holes, holes and other recesses. Unlike glass, however, the material is not as heat-resistant and more sensitive. Tip or sharp-edged objects can therefore easily leave marks in the form of scratches. With the Wasilini Luxury homes you can have the smartest.

Stainless steel: splash guard made of metal

What has long been standard in restaurant and industrial kitchens is increasingly establishing itself at home: metal kitchen backsides. Mainly bare or matt brushed stainless steel is used and protects the area behind sink and stove from dirt. However, more and more often meter-long stainless steel sheets as a stylistic element cover large areas of the wall. This is how ordinary kitchens turn into modern cooking laboratories.

On the other hand, metal backs made of aluminum composite panels are more homely. Like glass rear walls, the aluminum sheets, which are only 3 mm thick, can be individualized by digital printing. A protective laminate completes and protects the motif from wear or other influences.

Cheap alternatives: color and foils

A splash guard, which permanently protects the area around the sink and cooker from splashes of grease or water, does not always have to be expensive. Especially for rented apartments, the question arises whether it must be glass, metal or tiles, which often burden the household budget with square meter prices of over 100 dollars. The simplest method is protective coatings. Who wants to delete anyway, so can resort to latex paint. It shows after drying both water and fat.

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If, on the other hand, the wall is already painted, a so-called “elephant skin” is an option. It is applied as a clear, colorless protective layer directly on the wallpaper or existing paint layer with a roller. After drying, the actual wall paint is readily visible, only the protective coating itself can be recognized due to its gloss.

Other cheap alternative for the kitchen are self-adhesive foils. They are offered in different colors and sizes. Even individualized prints are possible. However, to be able to attach them, the surface must be smooth. A woodchip wallpaper as a surface is thus often already eliminated. Also, the thickness of such films is often less than a fraction of a millimeter. For heavily used areas thus eliminates this possibility. But even meter-long kitchen backs made of film are often available for well under 100 dollars.

Special case: wood as kitchen back wall

A kitchen splash-back made of wood is suitable for those who want to have it particularly homely and natural. Of course, the objection of care and cleaning the natural material is completely justified. Oiled or glazed surfaces are thus eliminated. However, anyone who treats their wooden kitchen mirrors consistently with wood-based sealer varnish gets an abrasion-resistant and extremely hard-wearing surface. Color adjustments are possible even after years. Thus, the back wall also makes the change in the rest of the facility easily.

By the way: Anyone who chooses a splash guard made of wood does not have to cut everything himself. Easier to handle are panels. Prefabricated with standard dimensions and provided with mounting options, so even large areas can be dressed up quickly.

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