Powdered vs. Liquid Synthetic Urine? Why should you use synthetic urine?

Using synthetic urine, many people get through drug tests with ease and it is available in the market in both powder and liquid forms and many people wonder which one is better.  Liquid form of synthetic urine is made using artificial ingredients and chemicals to impersonate real urine. It possesses all characteristics of real urine starting from color, temperature and smell to chemical components such as uric acid, urea, creatinine and ph. Liquid form of synthetic urine is losing popularity as labs have developed tests designed to help catch synthetic versions and sneaking it in to tests is getting a lot more difficult due to stricter supervision and rules.

Powdered urine smells, looks and has chemical behavior same as drug free human urine. It is available as a powder and you mix it with water before the drug test to submit it. Powdered fake urine is made up completely of natural human urine which has been mass dehydrated, thus it is very easy and reliable to pass any drug test using it. Powdered urine is almost completely successful in getting through any drug screening as it is drug free and retains all its properties and identity of real urine. But mixing water can be tricky during a test and the brand should give an instruction manual to help you out.

Liquid synthetic urine has been found to be better in passing tests than powdered form as it is pre mixed and you only have to worry about the temperature which is also controllable by a heating pad. Mixing powdered urine can get risky and it is possible to mess up the test due to it. But it is upto your convenience and conditions to decide which one will suit you the best.

Synthetic urine can be used to pass drug tests which are a prerequisite for bagging a lot of jobs. It mimics real urine in physical and chemical properties. It is gaining popularity as it is reliable and easy and if you have used or use any drug such as marijuana, it can be a lifesaver and help you retain your job/ get a new job. It also has some other uses such as educating and training medical students for urinalysis and clinical experiments and developing new urine tests for various diseases. Synthetic urine can also be used as an animal repellent to keep rodents out of plants as it works the same as real urine and reduces costs for gardeners.

Janis Baze