Know how to give and receive feedbacks As leader

Feedback is critical for both the employee and the boss. Because of this, many companies already use a 360 o system to provide it, so while the employee is being evaluated, he is also evaluating the boss who can thus change his behavior seeking to increasingly encourage his staff and How to be a good leader. Making feedback more frequent also improves the speed with which problems can be minimized. For the leadership training this happens to be a very important task.

Leadership is different from Management

Being a leader and being a manager are two different things. Although many people relate to each other, leadership involves a motivation to achieve the desired outcome, needs support in identifying objectives and more strategic direction to ensure quality while being more autonomous while management requires management and charging results on specific activities. A good leader must be able to motivate the team to achieve planned results.

Set Goals

An interesting way to lead a team is to create exciting goals. Every company has a large end goal that it seeks to achieve in the year or semester, but different leadership encourages small specific goals for each employee. These goals can be as much for the development of the professional as personas for the company. Some goals that may be interesting include learning what other areas of the company do, encouraging employees to spend a day with others learning other routines, and learning other languages ​​that can be good for both the company and the employee.

Be a good planner and strategist

Just managing and managing a team is not enough. To be a good leader is to think of a strategy for the company to grow and develop, to think of the short to medium and long term so that resources are allocated to make the team as effective as possible.


Many leaders think that a good incentive for the team is demoralization. They criticize their employees for doing a better or faster job. In fact, treating staff with respect works much more productively. A good leader seeks to understand the problem at work of his employees and helps to find a solution to it.

Don’t Center

Many leaders, afraid of losing their position and being replaced, tend to center the work in their hands. This prevents the team from developing, learning new skills, and discouraging growth. In addition, it clearly delay the completion of activities in a timely manner.

Don’t Be Away

More and more companies are realizing that isolating each employee in a cubicle or room hinders work performance. A leader who is always close to his team can be aware of the problems he may be having and can think of solutions faster than if he would only realize this after a few months.


After long and hard work the team needs to be encouraged to continue to achieve goals. Not necessarily the reward has to be cash, a reward can be a company-funded lunch, a day-off, a simple public acknowledgment, or the best employee of the month sign.

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Wilber Pelligra