ID God benefits: Top reasons why people buy fake ids from us

idgod is one of the top producers and sellers of counterfeit IDs. This is like a one-stop destination for all your ID and document needs. No matter which country you’re from, or of which country you need the ID for, they got you covered really well. Mostly their site mentions various IDs for the USA states, but they have a vast database of most recent ID templates for almost every major country. If you don’t find your country’s name on their site, just send an email, and they will revert back to you shortly.

IDGod fake ID: quality

Qualitywise, the IDs you get from the IDGod site are of top grade. They have professional designers who are experienced in making counterfeit ids, and that shows in the end result they produce. In our testing, they came out as the best ID provider out of the top five fake id maker sites. And why we are claiming so? It’s pretty simple. We ordered the same ID with the exact same details from all the leading five ID sellers. While four of the IDs frailed to pass in a few cases, only IDGod provided one got us cleared in more situations than the rest. That doesn’t mean IDGod produces a hundred percent flawless IDs; nobody can do that. But definitely, their quality is better than the rest.

IDGod fake ID: reasons for their popularity


The primary reason IDGod can create IDs with such tremendous quality is, of course, their skilled designers. However, there’s another factor they excel at as well, which is modern equipment. To produce top-quality documents, advanced machinery support is a must, but that doesn’t come cheap. Substantial investment needed to procure high-end printing equipment, and none of the other ID sellers upgraded their gadgets up to the extent IDGod did. Therefore, IDGod can make superior quality documents that look realistic to the bare eyes, and at the same time, they can charge less than their competition. The best part of their service is charging less when you order more than one. As per their website, they offer a massive discount even if you order just two IDs. And the price comes down to almost 60% when you order four IDs at once, now that’s called a fantastic price!

Furthermore, their customer service is second to none in this fake ID business. They reply to each and every email within a strict 24 hours period, most of the time within just a few hours. They have a tight turn around time policy of five days unless you order a priority service – in that case, you can get your ID made and shipped within just 48 hours! They serviced thousands of customers from all over the world since they started, and it’s a rare thing to see that a customer got unsatisfactory service from them.

IDGod fake ID: a vast selection of IDs

There’s another thing that makes them class apart from the rest, and that’s their huge selection of different IDs. In case you need a specific ID that no other fake ID seller abled to create, chances are IDGod can make that too – you just need to contact them by email describing what particular ID you want to order, and they will take care of the rest.

Vern Villasenor