French Movies and the Perfect Choices Now

In 1997, French director Luc Besson obtained a colossal budget to shoot in the United States a film produced by Gaumont, Le CinquièmeÉlément. The story is quite simple. An unknown entity will destroy all life on earth, unless Korben Dallas, a taxi driver in a futuristic New York, can bring together the five elements whose harmony will save humanity. The fifth element is a young woman, Leeloo, as sensitive as physically perfect … To draw the universe of the film, the director assembled an artistic team made up of comic strip authors like Claude Mézières and Moebius, professional illustrators of cinema and young designers. The film combines real scenes shot by actors and computer generated images. It constitutes a symphony of special effects and a visual change of scenery. You could say that India is the country of cinema. Indeed from its birth, the 7th art generated in India a real passion. In you can find a perfect choice.

Besides, the first projection was given in Bombay in 1896 shortly after that of Paris. The Lumière brothers who came to present their invention there even shot a few short films on the spot. Since then, India has become the world’s leading producer of films with three major centers: Bombay (films in Hindi language), Calcutta, the region of Satyajit Ray (film in Bengali) and Madras (Tamil films). In addition, the number of films in other regional languages ​​(Urdu, Telugu, etc.) is constantly increasing (more than 350 per year). India also has more than 12,000 cinemas and produces around 800 to 900 films per year, three more than the United States. There are also apparently, in Bombay alone 10,000 actors, 70% of which have already had a leading role. India exports 85% of its production to Asia and the Middle East.

“Bollywood” cinema

The expression “Bollywood” designates Indian super-productions inspired by Hollywood studios and seasoned with local sauce (masala). Fortunately, in recent years, they have started to experience some success in the West, despite their reputation for commercial productions with kitsch and stereotypical aesthetics.

The main features of Bollywood films

The length

These are usually river movies that last between 3 and 4 hours (with an intermission).

Mixing genres

There is no cinema by category as in Western countries, fantastic cinema, love films etc. In Bollywood productions, melodrama rubs shoulders with the musical, the adventure film, the detective and even the marvelous without ever pretending to be realistic. A film has to be all at once. And the Hindu tradition often shows through in allusions to the sacred. Indian spectators react to the film, they whistle, insult the bad guys, applaud the heroes, warn them of the danger, sing with the actors etc. it’s a very special atmosphere. For them, cinema is a fantastic way of escaping from reality, and allows them to free themselves from their difficult daily life and from their harsh and sometimes very hard living conditions for a few moments. This is why Indian cinema must be everything at once to offer them even more entertainment and dreams.

Music and dance

Regarding the musical aspect, always present in the movies, it takes each time 6 dances and three songs roughly in the current productions, which express the misfortunes of the hero, the scenes of romantic encounter or even the scenes of love, happy moments finally towards the end of the story for example. These songs are intended to highlight the idolized actors.

Janis Baze