Finer Versions of Local Options in Real Estate

The location of the plot was not without significance for the project implementation. The building is located in a special place in the resort town of Idaho, more precisely on the slope of the hill in Sun Valley in a well-known resort and ski resort. The windows overlook the surrounding nature. In order for the house to correspond with the surrounding landscape, it was necessary to design the house so that it blends in with the natural surroundings. Make a visit to to know more about it.

The original block

The unusual construction of the building is noteworthy. The block is located on a concrete base on which a second floor was ejected from boards, steel and glass walls. The project by Olson Kundig perfectly reflects the nature of the projects they are famous for it is full of elements characteristic of a rustic and modern style. The architects took care of the smallest details that have a huge impact on the final result.

Large glazing

One of the ways to ensure the modern character of the residence was the introduction of equipment with modern functions. This is especially visible in the place connecting the two parts of the building, which also has large glazing. Huge windows not only make the interior larger and more spacious but also are completely open to the outside. The glazed wall is manually operated with a crank. Thanks to this, the 7-meter-long bridge can also lead to the terrace and constitute an additional attraction of the project.

Unusual accessories and furniture

However, this is not the only item made to the special order of a design company. In addition to innovative windows, an impressive four-meter table made of walnut tree and legs on wheels. The original lighting is also impressive, which harmonizes perfectly with the character of the design.

Interior design

An interesting procedure is the hanging, metal roof, which, in addition to modern design, helps to darken the interior, which thanks to glazing are definitely more exposed to the sun. The interiors of the residence are kept in light, pastel colors. Both the walls, ceilings and floors are covered with wood, thanks to which they warm up the rooms and correspond well with the surrounding landscape. In the rooms, apart from wood, you can find metal elements and leather furniture.

  • The original design of the house on the bridge over the river. So you understand: the manor is not on the ground, but it is completely above the water.
  • A path through the forest leads to the house, without asphalt and transport. The entrance to the residence is made at the back of the building, and the facade leads directly to the pond.
  • The house design includes kitchen, dining room, bedrooms. Near the building, there is a mud bath, as well as a separate extension of the workshop. The combination of court buildings also includes a guest house.
  • The architects’ idea was to build cabins made of tarpaulin that are hung on trees. Each such cabin has 21 square meters. m. space and they are combined into houses with an area of ​​227 square meters. each
  • The houses in the park stand on strong concrete pillars with a view of the cedar forest.

Last Words

The interior of the cabins is made in a marine style: with bunks and folding seats. Such holidays should appeal to families with children. Cabins are not heated, according to the idea of ​​the creators of the room, they are heated in a natural way, with a tarpaulin.

Abdul Hepa