Essential Energy Saving Options for You

If you occupy the house according to fixed schedules, you can use the time programming of your boiler to reduce the temperature when you are not there, and initiate a return to normal temperature half an hour before your return. If you leave the house for an extended period, do not necessarily turn off the heating. In the case of an absence of less than 48 hours, it is more effective to reduce the temperature to 10 °. This will reduce the heating effort when you return to find an ideal temperature. With the Learn More option this is essential.

The programmable room thermostat

If it works like the previous one, it can reduce the temperature at certain times of the day. Its handling is quick, its cost is generally between 50 and 200 $.

The connected thermostat

From your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can configure your heating remotely, from anywhere and anytime from the Wi-Fi network. It is often possible to program the temperature of certain areas of your home, and easily. It is a very effective tool, and in the era of time. Its cost generally ranges between 150 $ and 250 $ and saves a hundred euros at least each year if it is used properly.

Optimizing the distribution of heat from radiators

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The obstruction of electric heaters and heaters by objects prevents heat from circulating in the accommodation, free them to take advantage of your heating properly

To be able to heat a room effectively, your radiators must have enough space around them to ensure air circulation. You must therefore avoid placing objects on top of it, or positioning furniture in front of it, because these will absorb thermal energy and prevent the diffusion of heat.

Also remember to maintain the radiators, by dusting them twice a year, and by purging them once a year at the time of their entry into service at the beginning of winter, in order to empty the air bubbles. The air contained in the radiators interferes with the circulation of heat in the pipes and creates malfunctions in the entire heating network. There is a piece of advice to apply also for your boiler, which it is compulsory to have maintained annually by a professional. This simple gesture you

Use the cheapest energy source available for heating

Heating generally accounts for almost 60% of its energy consumption. However, the heating bill goes from simple to double depending on the energy used. Only many consumers ignore it: Many have an open fireplace and would benefit from putting in a closed stove, more efficient for heating.

Many consumers are heated with electricity while their homes can be connected to the natural gas network. If it is a medium or large dwelling, connecting it to gas and doing the necessary work there can be interesting because the price per kWh is much lower than for electricity. The initial investment is however higher and leads to the creation of a more complex installation than electric heating. It is indeed necessary to buy a boiler (count 1000 $ minimum) and create a network of pipes to connect it to the radiators.

Annual maintenance of the boiler

Maintenance of the boiler is compulsory once a year. The overhaul of the boiler is a legal obligation which allows, regardless of the safety aspect of the process, to achieve 8 to 12% savings on its consumption of electricity and gas. It must be performed by a professional to guarantee safe and efficient heating.

Janis Baze