Do you want to know about the sim cards and PHP?

I hope we are living in the age of extinction. People must be acknowledged about thisphplx . Maybe if they are from the computer science department and coder, then they will know about the PHP lx. Frankly speaking, I am not from computer science and coding. So I have no plenty of knowledge about this. But I have tiny. What is a sim card? Nowadays everyone is aware of what is a sim card? Do you know why? Can you see a man without mobile phones? No, it is not possible nowadays. Can you see a man without 4G mobiles? No, it is not even possible. Yes, they are cheap nowadays. We are waiting for 5G. I mean our country India. Yes, many countries are miles ahead of us. We are generating using telephones and the Nokia 1100 cell phones and now we are miles ahead using 4G everywhere. Everyone aware of this detail but only a few knew the abbreviation of the sim. If you want to now know, then your friend Google for you.

Sim card is nothing but a subscriber identification module. The function of the sim is lying. It helps to save the subscriber’s identification like call details, call history, caller details, and like other details about calls. And PHP stands for hypertext preprocessor. In other words, PHP is a server scripting or Html embedded language. Html is nothing but hypertext marker language. It is a building block for the web pages. It creates an electronic form of the web pages that makes stronger the World Wide Web. Php is Html embedded script language. Php is intercepted by only PHP servers only. So, only this is a server scripting language. Speaking about sim cards and phones, then it will be wrong speaking without the GSM and CDMA.  GSM is nothing but a global system for mobile communication. CDMA is a code division multiple access. GSM comes with a sim slot but CDMA is not cone with sim slot.

Types of sim card types:

There are four major sim card types are available in the market nowadays. And there are,

Standard sim card: the size of a sim is 25×15 mm. it is adopted for mostly older and basic phones.

Micro sim cards: the size of the sim card is 15×12 mm. It is mostly adopted for mobile phones found in the 2010s.

Nano-sim cards: the size of the sim card is 12.3×8.8 mm. It is mostly adopted for newer mobile phones.

e-sim: it is known for embedded sim cards. The size of the sim card is 6×5mm. we can work these sim cards from remotely.


Interesting facts about the 5G:

Everyone knows about London, right? We are not the only country following the Whatsapp forwards. Even London peoples also following. Yes, they saw 5G cell phone towers are the reason for corona spread. So, a bunch of intelligent peoples get going and burn out the five 5G cell phone towers. Then only they were realizing these were rumors. This is bad, right?

Janis Baze