Cracked dry dog snout: How to solve it?

Does your dog bother with a cracked nose? Is it sensitive to touch? What is behind it and how to turn this unpleasant problem? So you need to know what to put on a dog’s dry nose .

The importance of the dog’s nose

The dog’s nose is an important and perfectly developed organ. Dog smells 20 to 40 times better than man. This property is due to approximately 200 million olfactory receptors. Thanks to them the dog can capture even a slight amount of odorous substances.

It is no surprise that the dog with his sense of smell registers an incoming man before he sees him. At the same time, he can sense if the person is afraid of him and what his mood is. In medicine, it has been confirmed many cases where the dog was able to detect cancer in humans long before it was professionally detected by medical devices.

Why the dog licks dry nose

what to put on a dog's dry nose

Moist nose helps the dog to better transfer trapped odors. However, a healthy dog’s nose can be wet and cold for a while, warm and dry for another. It’s okay and there’s nothing to worry about.

Dog nose: identifier of disease

Changes in the dog’s snout should not be overlooked. It can be flaking, scales, but also the loss of pigmentation. If you have noticed that the furry has a long- cracked snout, it creates scabs or even open wounds, does not hesitate to visit the vet. This manifestation may be a manifestation of an internal hidden disease. Sick furry will be in addition to the nose and other problems. These may include vomiting, diarrhea, appetite, drowsiness, fatigue, and more. Do not overlook these symptoms and consult your veterinarian.


A peeling dry nose can itself be a very sensitive matter. Imagine how you feel when your lips are dry. The sensitivity of the dog’s nose can be caused, inter alia, by using unsuitable dishes from which you feed the dog. Veterinarians recommend using robust ceramic or stainless steel bowls and avoiding plastic bowls completely. Due to its high sensitivity to odors, poor plastic can cause the hairy man to become allergic to the substances and dyes used for its production.


Frequent enemy dog ​​nose is also too sunlight. Dogs with the pink and lighter nose are most at risk. They are most prone to sunburn, or solar dermatitis. If your dog belongs to this risk category, consult a veterinarian who will recommend appropriate protective products and creams.

Brachycephalic breeds

Owners of short-breed predominantly French Bulldogs and Pugs have a lot of experience with dry noses of their pets. These breeds suffer from dry nose much more than other dogs. This is due to the specific anatomy of their face, which often causes them serious health problems. Approximately every second master of these hairs solves over dried sensitive nose, which at first glance looks unhealthy and painful.

Does the dog want to have his nose smeared?

A cracked dry snout may hurt to the touch. At this point, the nerve endings become very sensitive. Try not to lubricate the snout for the dog to become a stressful matter. Talk gently to him and praise him with a treat before and after the procedure. It is important that this activity becomes a pleasant habit and does not associate it with pain and fear.

Abdul Hepa