Clay Making and More Opportunities for Your Learning

The Easter holidays did not have much good weather in store for us so far. Perhaps it is the ideal time for a modelling blog? After all, playing with clay is a relaxing way to fill a rainy afternoon in a creative way. Create a three-dimensional world with your children. Let your imagination run wild. You can join the clay workshop singapore there.

You can easily make a clay cutter from 2 half clothespins and iron wire. This way you don’t have to dig into the clay, but you can cut the pieces neatly. And then you can start. Something super simple, but fun for kids from 5 to 99 years old, is the following:

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 Step 1: Everything starts with the egg

A simple start, mould an egg. A clay egg is slightly larger than a chicken egg.

Step 2: Bowling

You turn the egg into a kind of bowling pin, which you do by performing a kind of strangulation movement at the top of the egg.

Step 3: ET

You turn your cone into an alien. You do this by pushing 2 cavities with your thumbs where the eyes should normally be and 1 cavity where the mouth should be. If you did it right, you are now looking at a version of E T.

Step 4: And why do you have such big ears?

Right, the ears. You push it out between your thumb and index finger, at eye-nose height.

Step 5: Character head

Then you make 2 balls, the size of a small marble. One is for the nose, push the ball between the eye sockets and fix it nicely. The intention is that there are no slots to be seen anywhere. You use the other marble for the chin. Finish the nose and chin nicely, but don’t make them too small. Go for a real character head.

Step 6: Look, without eyes

Then you just fill the eye cavities with clay, so that you come out ahead without eyes. You may now be wondering why you had to make those eye sockets in the first place, but that’s the way to get the rest of the face in the right position.

Step 7: Somebody’s Watching Me

With a half clothespin, you then again form smaller eyes, a bit almond-shaped. You put a small ball in it, and in that small ball, you make a hole. Now the cup is looking at you.

Step 8: The finishing touch

From the nose, you can sharpen the eyebrow arch. You can also apply lips with 2 fine sausages and possibly even teeth.

Step 9: A good hair day.

With this step, you can bring out your hairdressing qualities. With the garlic press, you can create beautiful hairstyles and other hair: moustache, beard, straight or curls. Just let yourself go.

Step 10: Fun hat

Are you not born to be a hairdresser after all? Then you just provide a hat: a hat or a cap. From a ball, you push the clay out to a thumb jar, fold the edge and you’re done

This is really the children’s base. Of course, you can work out the head much better, with wrinkles and cheekbones, neckline. Furthermore, you simply let your work air dry slowly in a cool place and then treat with the necessary caution. Pack the remaining clay completely airtight, in 2 plastic bags, and keep it in a cool place.

Wilber Pelligra