How to Write SEO-Friendly Content (A Step by Step Guide)

What is SEO and How To Do It?

When you’re doing SEO for your blog/website, you need to make sure you’ve got a bunch of important things covered in order to guarantee SEO-friendly content.

SEO is nothing more than a given page’s optimization.

It can even be the optimization of the whole website.

The aim?

To make sure you optimize it so that search engine technology can understand what your content is all about.

The consequence of using the right SEO techniques?

To get the best rank possible on SERPs.

Even so, SEO offers no guarantees whatsoever.

This means that no business or website can swear their website is #1 just because it’s super SEO-optimized!

You should also know there’s a battle going on: some people go for in-house SEO; others for third-party SEO (SEO agencies).

In-house SEO

This strategy is great since it allows people who know the company/website well and who work for the business to actually be the official SEO warriors.

Since they know the company’s weak spots and strong suits, these people have first-hand knowledge and can use SEO to great effect.

Third-party SEO

This is also awesome.


Because it allows people who are SEO Company