Best Valves for oil and gas industry

There are many valves which are in use in the oil and gas market. Some of them are control valves, butterfly valves, ball valves , check valves etc. let’s discuss some of these commonly used valves in the oil and gas industry. These are made using multiple metallic, but the seat here is made using soft materials such as Teflon. Because of this combination, these ball valves can be used in the temperature range of -200 deg C and as high as 500 deg C. Ball valves are mostly used for gases, liquids, and even for air. They are straightforward to tp turn-off and turn on. They come with very tight sealing and low torque. There are three major types and they are ball valves. These are mainly used for controlling the flow rate, temperature, and pressure. There are three main types of control valves and they are Electric globe type control valve, Pressure reducing valve, and pneumatic globe type control valve.

Some other valves and their benefits

ball valves

Centric butterfly valves available are soft seated. They are mostly used for cutting off the flow like water, oil, air, and any other fluids. These valves offer extended life cycles along with lower cost when compared many other valves available in the market. Butterfly valves which come with high-performance are mainly suitable for using in modulate and isolate varieties of media. There is the different type which is called triple offset butterfly valves which come with blowout-proof stem along with a metal-to-metal seat. They provide zero leakage performance. These are mainly utilized for extreme temperatures and pressures. These are primarily designed for emergency shutdowns and integrity pressure protection and to operate in shallow temperatures like ‒196° C.These valves help in protecting the mechanical equipment in the piping systems. They give protection through preventing the reverse flow of fluid. These valves play a significant role in the case of compressors and pumps where backflow can lead to damages and unnecessary shutdowns. Stainless steel check walls are mostly used in the oil and gas industry. These valves are mainly designed to help in stop and start of the flow. These are primarily used when minimum restriction and straight-line flow is necessary. When used, these valves are usually kept either fully closed or fully open. These are mainly used in cooling water systems. These come under the category of linear motion valves, and they can regulate, start, and stop the flow. These are in use for throttling services along with isolation services. This is the main reason these valves have become the most commonly used valves around the globe. They come with excellent shut-off ability, and they are available in angle, wye, and tee patterns. Seats are easily maintainable in these globe valves. These are mainly utilised in high-pressure requirements. These valves come with a unique feature, and that is the pressure seal bonnet. The joint seal in the body improves as and when the internal pressure increase. These are suitable for the excess of 170 bars.

Wilber Pelligra