Best Photography with the best Beauty

Watch on social networks. Instagram, Facebook, VK not so important. Look where you are more familiar and where you are more often. Typically, photographers have accounts in all three networks. Notice whose photos your friends share. If you like the pictures, this is a good reason to see the portfolio of the photographer.

The photographer can also be found on specialized sites such as Fashion Bank and Podium Life. Wedding photographers live on wedding photography sites, and if you want children or family photography, visit photo studios. From the saen higgins photography you can get the best choices now.

Do not get fooled by free shootings

Yes, there are people who take you off for free. This can happen in two cases: either the photographer is a beginner, or your type is suitable for the realization of his own idea. Novice photographers cannot guarantee you the quality of the result. Maybe you get good pictures, or maybe not. If you are ready to play Russian roulette, then take a chance. Sometimes in this way good photoshoots are obtained.

If you came up to an experienced photographer to realize his idea, it’s too early to rejoice. We must first find out what exactly he is going to shoot. Maybe he wants to take you off in rags on an abandoned poultry farm absolutely real case, by the way. Do you want such photos?

saen higgins photography

The photographer will take you exactly the way he needs, and not the way you need it.  In the case of free shooting, be prepared for the photographer to give as many pictures as he sees fit. And he will do it when he wants.

Expensive does not mean good

In this country, a two-hour portrait shooting can cost 5,000 dollars, or maybe 100,000 dollars and not the fact that a more expensive photographer will make you better than a cheap one. There are good photographers in any segment. The main thing is to look and how to distinguish a good photographer from a bad one? It is right according to his portfolio.

Rate the portfolio

The portfolio you should like. And there should be photos similar to those that you would like to receive. Let’s say you want vivid portraits with rich colors, and the photographer’s portfolio is completely black and white. In this case, it is better to look for someone else to shoot.

When you consider a portfolio, try to evaluate not the beauty of models and their outfits, but the work of a photographer. What is worth paying attention to?


If people in the photo look natural, believe me, it is worth a lot. If all models have a taut and tense look, then most likely the same fate awaits you.

An atmosphere of the place

How is the atmosphere of the shooting location conveyed? Does the story about what is depicted in the photograph form in your head? Do you believe what is happening in it? If so, then this is a good sign.

Variety of poses

If the models stand or sit the same on all photos, it means that the photographer is not able to control the posing of the models. Most likely, he will not pick you those poses that emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide the flaws.

Vern Villasenor