Best Choices for the Best Smartphones Now

More and more of our lives are being invaded by smartphones, computers, e-mails and social networks, and we do not think enough about the consequences of these technologies for our well-being. Now with galaxy rose  mobile phone, you can have the best choices now.

And you, are you Fomo or Jomo?

It can create a real obsession, which Anglophones have called Fomo, an acronym for “fear of missing out”, that is to say, “the fear of missing something”. The ability to keep up-to-date with our friends, family, and favorite brands is a rush of impulses. Think about the number of notifications you receive each day or how often you search for new social media posts. Much of this information is not at all relevant to you, you will not necessarily improve, and in some cases, you will feel worse. This phenomenon Fomo generates a kind of social anxiety characterized by the constant fear of missing important news (or considered as such) or any other event giving an opportunity to interact socially.

Digital detoxification

Research shows that we have little conscious influence on this obsessive behavior. In fact, it is associated with the release of dopamine in the brain, which intervenes in the sensation of pleasure and in the reward circuit. If we can release more dopamine by a simple gesture, such as an update of our newsfeed, we will do it several times. The phenomenon is very similar to the addiction to slot machines (penguin bandit) when a player is always looking for the greatest possible reward for less effort (operate a simple lever).

You may have heard the term “digital detox”. The non-use of the smartphone and other devices outside working hours has gained popularity in recent years.

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This more qualitative approach has become popular among application developers. Big names like Google advocate concepts such as “technology must improve our lives, but it should not distract us”. This also applies to Facebook, which, with the concept “Time well spent,” aims to make the news feed as relevant as possible.

The mobile phone today has taken a very important place in our society. This device has revolutionized the means of communication and allows anyone who owns one to communicate with anyone and anywhere. But its popularity is also due to the effects of fashion and group related to this object.

Indeed, the mobile phone has become an almost indispensable object by allowing anyone to contact anyone and anywhere. It generates liberties and facilitates certain tasks for its users.

  • For example, an employee of a company who needs to be in constant communication with his colleagues or his employer.

But it is also used for much less professional purposes, it allows for example to individuals to make an appointment, to be permanently connected to the internet. The success of the phone is worldwide, although its growth in the developed countries is very important, it is noted that it is also in the uncivilized countries as this graph shows the growth of the number of mobile phone users in Africa

But the success of the phone is not only due to its usefulness or practicality:

A mobile phone is an object that the users appropriate very quickly and easily, so it can become a kind of “diary” for somewhere Holders can store personal photo files, as many personal files that can be memories for users like photo albums. A study conducted by the Cisco Connected World Technology Report in 2011 shows that 50% of the population prefers to lose their wallets than their phones.

We can say that the mobile phone is a mirror very personal sounds user: indeed it organizes it as he wants, puts the wallpapers he wants, puts the ringtones he prefers … Despite the fact be it a common object, users make their mobile phone a unique object. There are so many different mobile phones than users because they are appropriated by their uses especially for functions other than communication.

The Fashion Options

A fashion and group effect occurred around the cell phone. New generations of smartphones are pushing users to get the latest products from the market. Many people, mostly young people, maintain their social networks through their phones. As former secretary of state Françoise Giroud says: “Living without a mobile phone can you imagine the torture?”

Janis Baze