An introduction to the Terrarium workshop

Confused and puzzled and a worthy question. What is a Terrarium Singapore ?

Well, they are miniature gardens that can be fit into a 1×1 space area usually they are sealed but some are open and are contained in a jar, bowl and bottles made up of glass. This miniature garden is a fully functional panting plant system and is mostly self-sustaining. They water themselves through the process of transpiration and condensation.

Terrarium is a word that is derived from Latin terra (earth) + atrium ( a place)  just like an aquarium but plant and soil replacing fish and water.

Terrariums are an interesting, beautiful, and creative way to keep a plant at home. Keep it anywhere you want on your table, beside your T.V or near your window. These tiny forever creatures are suitable everywhere.

What is a terrarium for?

Terrarium originally came from London that too from an accident by royals. Where they loved it and quickly became a trend to follow and received too much love for plant lovers to ignore them.

Nowadays terrarium’s are used as they were used before, for their exoticness and why one would reject exotic plant. People who love nature but live in a city jungle where they can’t have a garden, are terrific options to have. They occupy less space and they can be a collection to show your guest and requires very little maintenance.

How do terrariums work?

Sealed terrariums are a fully functional ecosystem and are a product of living by cattle cycle which keeps them alive. A little amount of water and sunlight is all it requires

Terrarium Singapore

Learn with us

  1. Right soil, right plant, the right glass makes a perfect terrarium. Learn with us to make a perfect terrarium for yourself with ease in less time and in a proper way with proper guidance.
  2. In our workshop, we will teach you how to make a perfect terrarium ethnic ecosystem of exotic plants. All you need to do is to be present with us we will guide you to success and a forever living terrarium. The average life of a terrarium is 56 years but if you make them properly and take good care of them they can live more than place years. Imagine being the owner of a piece of living memory from your time that will stay young as a symbol of you.
  3. We will provide you with your plant, your glass bowl, and everything you need to make a terrarium. We will teach you proficiently to make a tiny garden that will work best and will last forever. Take home the life you created all by yourself with your own hands, nourish it, play with it and sing a song with them it makes plants happy.
  4. We love nature and we live on them, time everything has become a luxury so our plant gardens. Make a miniature garden or call it a plant pet. Nature lovers can define they are nature lovers by having these mini-ecosystems at their home. You will be proud of your creation and we are proud to teach you to create your creation.

Abdul Hepa